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TODAY I JUST WOKE UP…And ready for a brand new day!♥♥ Think about it! Let’s count a list. I skipped brushing my teeth, skipped breakfast, started my Windows 7 Professional, to get on wordpress and make a post that you guys will love! on the news section,

  • I forgot to tell you guys, in the NEWS section, I am going to tell you stuff that most likely has not happened recently, but trending, soon to be t-rending, or not trending until I post.
  • British series Peppa Pig causes children to adopt her cute accent.
  • Kaylee’s Blog gives birth to the Post+Post section, where we take quotes you can actually see on the web and reply to them on here.

TODAY’S POST; (This one is about how a sequel to Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas would be a “bad idea”)

What, is Jack going to decide he could take another go at Christmas and get things right this time around? Is he going to decide Valentine’s day needs his intervention instead? What if the sequel is simply titled “This is Halloween” and it’s Jack hoping to defend his beloved holiday from another holiday looking to step up on his territory? -Mick Joest

I think the whole sequel thing would be a great idea. I don’t care about the plot of the sequel, I care that this time, it will be actually 3D animation. Listen, Mickey Mouse. I’m not cyberbullying, but if the movie is unique, then the sequel will be unique too. Just wait until you actually watch it. I mean, you might have some second thoughts! 😉 -Me

So, THAT was the first real post here, Kitties.(If you’re wondering, that’s your new nickname here. No changing requests accepted.) Didja like it? That is just the beginning. Remember, It may be Kaylee’s Blog, But it’s not always about Kaylee.

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